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Believe in your greatness

 positive thoughtsLacking motivation? Feeling worthless? Friendless? Frustrated? Disappointed? Most everyday we feel something negative about ourselves.  We tend to blame it on the our circumstances. While all the blame my be right there, I’m learning how important it is not to let circumstances alone control you.

Our circumstance will change everyday. Some can be control and some can’t. Instead of focusing on what you can’t control, laser in on what you can. What’s the number one thing you can control? Your thinking.

“The sum of all your thoughts comprises your overall attitude.” -John Maxwell

So I challenge you, write down 100 positive things about yourself. The list isn’t timed, but get to thinking and write them down. Yes 100! This may be challenging. I often find when I think of a positive about myself I’m following it up with a “but I could be better” or “I’m only where I’m at because of…” But none of that! And, believe me you’re going to have to search deep in your soul, heart, and mind.

Once you write your list, post it where you can see it everyday and read it everyday. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s so nice to get cards from friends and family saying how much they care and how wonderful you are. It’s so nice that you keep them, store them in a box or file then come across them later on in life and smile when you re-read them.

Do that for you! Focus in on what makes you wonderful and you will continue to gravitate towards it. You will feel good about yourself and believe your greatness.

The entire world can tell you how great you are, but good does that do if you don’t believe it yourself?  Everything in life has ripple effects and this my friends will ripple in to every area of your life if you let it. Imagine how it would feel not to rely on others to affirm your self-worth?

Happy writing!

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