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It’s Not About Getting Into Headstand

bharadvajasanaEverywhere you look there are yoga studios opening up. There are classes being held in gyms, churches, hot studios, on the water, and my favorite, at your local winery.

It’s exciting for people to have many options for classes – if it wasn’t for my local hot studio I may not have become a yoga instructor. But, as we all know, when things get popular often the heart of what these mean can get lost.

Take the concept of becoming a Christian, for example; I am one so I can speak to this. You make a life-changing choice to accept Jesus into your heart, to heal your heart, to have that perfect one who will love you just as you are.

Ah! But then comes the whole going to church, singing, praising, bible studies, and getting to know new Christian friends. Suddenly it’s about how many bible stories or verses you can memorize, how many songs you can sing without the words, or how much wealth God has given you. What happened to that simple moment? The one where you accepted a perfect love?

Oh, and by the way, yoga isn’t religion. You can be a follower of Christ and also practice yoga. I know because I am and do.

Yoga also isn’t about getting into headstand, handstand, or putting your legs behind your head while balancing on your hands.

yogamatYoga is using your breath to move into poses to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. It’s stepping on your mat without expectation of mastering a pose or keeping up with a class without having to take child’s pose. It’s simply about being on your mat, in that pose, in your breath.

As an instructor I want people to come to my class. When I ask people to try one of my classes the response I often hear is, “I can’t do headstand…”

It’s not about the headstand. It’s about showing up on your mat, allowing a teacher to guide you into asanas (poses) that will benefit your body, relax your mind, and ease your spirit.

With that said this doesn’t mean you’re not going to get a workout with a yoga class. In fact, you should get a workout.

I teacher a power vinyasa class – one that will build strength for you physically. After that it becomes mental and then spiritually strength building. It’s called a practice for a reason, you’ll never be “perfect” at every pose.

Ask yourself why you step onto your mat or why you haven’t stepped on one. If it was to finally master crow great set a goal but be ok without getting there.

It’s not about the headstand, people.

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