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You are wanted

Yes, you are wanted.

As true as that statement is, it’s followed by more doubt and disbelief. Where do you find yourself placing your efforts? Towards who? I find myself consistently consumed with being of value to the people and things in my life.  handsA friend recently ask me to describe myself without using physical features or anything that is related to any role I have; such as being a mom, wife, friend, and so on. It is in our nature to want to satisfy, achieve goals, to be an asset to everything in your life. Why?

Why do we work the hours we do, spread ourselves so thin we don’t know what day of the week it is, or sleep deprive ourselves with over thinking of what tomorrow will hold? To stop and think why you do the things you do can be quite hard. Why? The answers seem both complex and rational at the same time. But, when you break them down it comes down to one simple answer.

We want to be wanted.

Want means to have a desire to possess or do something. We will go to great lengths to fulfill the wants of our life. After you go to those great lengths and hard work you will have sacrificed something or someone to have it. But, it’s all worth it, right?

You do all of this to be of worth to yourself, your family, your friends, or a company. With that worth or value of what you do or what you have done comes the feeling of being wanted.  You have become the desire — and with that comes a satisfaction.

Stop and think where you place yourself and how you’ve been going through life. We normally go to our jobs, family, friends, volunteer work. Analyze each one. Don’t justify what you’ve done just look at it. Asking again why do you do it? quotes-about-love-4

I bet that it boils down to having worth and being wanted. But, wanting things and finding only value in the things and people of this world can leave you wanting more. You will always desire and crave more. I could spend few hundred more words getting deeper into all of the above to gently ease you into my next sentence, but since we are programmed to want things now, permit me to be audacious.

You are wanted exactly how you are right here as you read this. You are desired and longed for in every way your heart wants. Each person’s wants and desires are unique; none are the exact same. Because no one soul is the same as another.

There’s no amount of money or checklist of things to become wanted by the one who matters. God wants you.

You today, right now. Not who you will be tomorrow or a year from now. God desires you. God craves you. God has a need for you. Why? God created you in is perfect image — you are part of the design, a part of the plan.

He is jealous for you in every way. And since we are made in His image we desired to want, to need. What hinders us from getting fulfilled is we find our desires in the world and not in Him. Seek God first and the rest will fall into place.

Jer29-11Keeping that focus is the hardest thing you will ever do. For there are lies and fears that will shake you every chance they can. You’ll mess up and feel unworthy of being wanted and work to get your worth back. God knows you, he knows every part of you. God will always want you even in the middle of your mess. God is the only one who has a perfect love for you and a perfect understanding of all that you are, will be, have gone through, and will go through.

Even when you don’t want God, He still wants you. What happens if you desired the perfect part of who you are? God promises us perfection- but it’s only through Him will we receive it.

You are wanted in every way your heart desires by the Author of unconditional love.



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